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700W Dual 350W IR Dimming Grow Light Fixture US$599.99 – US$759.99

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700W Dual 350W IR Dimming Grow Light Fixture

700W Dual 350W IR Dimming Grow Light Fixture  US$599.99 – US$759.99
Options and Features also ADJUST PRICING* 
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SunPlix 700W dual 350W IR dimming grow light fixture utilizes Fuzzy Logic technology. The patent technology can keep lumen maintenance rate higher than 95% at 30,000 hours and maintain the initial spectrum. It can ignite bulbs more than 100 feet away.

With LamPal® technology, this ballast can work with 150W, 210W, 315W and 350W CMH/HPS/MH lamps. The remote control lets you turn on/off the light and dims a 315W lamp down to 210W and 150W and dims up to 350W. You can use the 0-10V module to adjust power output from 300W to 700W continuously (Optional).

When lamp power is decreased, it saves energy and shifts light spectrum to more blue light for veggies; when lamp power is increased, it outputs more strong light and shifts light spectrum to more red light to grow more and bigger flowers and shorten the growing circle.

Spectral Power Distribution:

Compatible Lamps:

Characteristics of CMH-630F Dual 315 IR Dimming Fixture

Name Description
Input power  760W
Output power (Max) 700W
Operating voltage 120V/208V/240V (277V, 347V, 480V optional)
Amperage drawn 6.34A/120V, 3.65A/208V, 3.17A/240V
Safe voltage 94V~276V
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Power factor >0.99
THD <6%
Efficiency >93%
Communication interface IR (0~10V optional)
Lamp wire length (Max) 100 feet (16 gauge lamp wire)
Power/light output 0W (On/Off), 300W, 420W, 630W, 700W or 300W~700W
Protection functions Protection of short-circuit, open-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, hot lamp startup, lightning, over heat, and lamp failure with lamp life warning.
Size  L: 38.5”/43”/47.5”, W: 14”, H: 9.5”
Net weight 15 lb
Warranty 3 years
Light system size L: 38.5”/43”/47.5”, W: 14”, H: 9.5”
Distance between two bulbs 24.5", 29" and 33.5". (Center to center)
Reflector Exterior L: 17”, W: 14”, H: 6”
Reflector Interior L: 14”, W: 14”, H: 5”

Black wire: AC power Line wire
White wire: AC power Neutral wire
Green wire: Ground wire

Black wire: AC power Line wire
White wire: AC power Neutral wire
Green wire: Ground wire


  • CMH-630F digital ballast should work on operating voltage with corresponding bulbs. High power bulb can be used to dim to low power output, but not the reverse.
  • The work environment temperature for the ballast ranges from -40 F°/-40 C° to +122 F°/+50 C°, the maximum work temperature of its shell can be +158 F°/+70 C°.
  • The ballast should avoid working under high temperature environment which will affect its service life.
  • Combustible substances and corrosive gas should not be placed in the work environment of the ballast.
  • If a ballast is damaged, do not try to fix it. Users should exchange it with suppliers or send it to the factory for maintenance.

SunPlix CMH ballast is the real low frequency, square wave CMH ballast!

Other brand CMH ballast is NOT the real low frequency, square wave CMH ballast